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We provide bail bonds to help those in need throughout the East Tennessee area. We can present the court with a bail bond on your behalf to secure the release of your loved one from custody by becoming responsible for his or her appearance in court. Please contact us for more details immediately, so we can help you get you loved one home as soon as possible.

Call AAA Bail Bonding today at 1-800-468-1161 to so we can help you with your emergency bail bond needs, or browse our website for more information regarding bail bond history. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.

Some Bail Terminology You Should Be Familiar With:

  • Bail – A person or persons who procure the release of an individual from custody by becoming responsible for his or her appearance in court.
  • Bail Bond – A bond given to the court to insure due appearance of one who is bailed.
  • Premium – State of Tennessee is 10% of bond, premium is fully earned upon the release of the defendant from custody. The fact that the defendant may have been improperly arrested or bail reduced or the case dismissed, shall not obligate the return of the premium.
  • Collateral – Property pledged as a guarantee of payment or appearance of defendant in court and any obligation due to the bond company.
  • Indemnitor/Guarantor – Is responsible for the defendant to make all court appearances. If the defendant fails to appear on said date in court then the indemnitor is responsible for all cost necessary to find the defendant and have bond exonerated from the court.
  • Exoneration – The bond is exonerated from the court, when the defendant is sentenced or the case has been dismissed. The court will then send the bail bonds company back the bond marked EXONERATED. Once received the indemnitor/guarantor are so longer responsible for the said bail.

Secure A Bond & Get Back Home Today

Having a family member arrested is a stressful experience, but getting them released doesn’t have to be. We offer affordable and convenient bail bond services that will cover your loved one’s bond and get them home as quickly as possible. Our rates are reasonable, and we’re happy to guide you through the process and answer your questions. Contact your local AAA Bail Bond agent.

We have over 40 agents across East Tennessee who can quickly process your bond and get your loved ones released so they can adequately prepare their defense.

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